Unity Begins When Division Ends

Unity Begins When Division Ends

Are we united?  How do we unite?

Let’s begin by answering the first question.  Are we united? 

We live in the United States of America but that doesn’t mean we are united.  We shop, eat and play at the same places and that doesn’t mean we are united.  We go to church on Sunday, sit beside each other, sing, cry and worship together and even that doesn’t mean we are united.  Unity isn’t always viewed by similarities.  Unity is present when we don’t allow our differences to be categorized as better or worse than someone else.  We find value in each other. We view our differences as strengths and not as weaknesses.  Unity places value on the thing that unites us.  For us as Christians, unity is when the value is placed on the one that unites us, Jesus Christ, our Lord.  Unity is seen when we use our differences in a collective fashion to equip and enlarge the Kingdom of God.  Think about it, are we united?  The answer to this question requires everyone to answer it for themselves.

Let’s move on to the second question.

How do we unite?

It seems that whenever we feel there is an injustice, we come together to rally, protest, and often times to riot.  When we stand with or against something we never know all the people in the group.  What we do know is we feel that this cause is worthy.  As believers, we already have a worthy cause and His name is Jesus.  He gave His life because all lives mattered to the plan of God.  He leveled the playing field. We can choose to be in the crowd yet not be of the crowd.  I’ve done that many times myself.  Singing in the choir, serving on the usher board, even sitting in the pews, with my heart far from God.  I’m excited to not just be in the crowd but of the crowd.  A crowd of baptized believers, Christians. 

In Romans Chapter 12, Paul speaks to us about being a living sacrifice. In verses 3-8 he deals with our attitude.  He tells us the attitude that we must have towards others for our spiritual gifts to emerge. Beginning in verse 9 to the end of the chapter, Paul gives us principals to live by.  This is where we begin our sanctification process.  We must begin here to willingly submit ourselves for true unity to occur.  Unity starts as an internal work and manifests externally.

Unity begins when division ends.

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