The Power of The Tongue


The Power of The Tongue

Who would have thought something so small could hold so much POWER? The same God that spoke the world into creation is the same God whose Spirit dwells on the inside of us. Words are powerful. They have the ability to shape your day, your character as well as help manifest actions that were once dwelling thoughts. It is important as believers that we do not

It is important as believers that we do not recklessly use our mouths like mentioned in James 3:4-6. As Christians, everything that proceeds out of our mouths should inevitably give God glory. We need to practice spiritually checking the motives of our mouths.

Before we speak we should ask ourselves several questions:

  • Is what I’m about say going to pleasing to God?
  • Will this build up or tear down what God has built or created?
  • Am I speaking life or death?
  • Is what I am speaking idle chatter?

When we set a guard over our mouths it’s demonstrating to God that 1.)We need the Holy Spirit’s aide 2.) That we make it a priority that God gets the Glory out what we say. 3.) We make a willful decision to exercise discipline by listening twice as much as we speak.
The amazing thing about a guard is when it is set in place, it has the ability to protect what is on both sides of it. As believers let’s make it our business to outdo one another by honoring each other with our mouths.

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