Making the Gospel Appealing

Earlier this week I realized something.  It DOES matter that we make the Gospel appealing.  And the revelation came in such an interesting way, I was compelled to share. 

I talk to my mother a lot.  Pretty much every day.  So initially when I tell her about something, there is excitement, detail, hope – when we hear and tell each other something new, we are sitting on the edge of our seats.  But as something becomes “the norm” to me I mention it less (or with less enthusiasm).  I’ll blandly say “I learned how to skate backward last night.” However, she will respond with excitement, questions, encouragement, affirmation – things that I have come to count on as her being “mommy”.  I don’t particularly think I have an exciting life because I LIVE it.  It seems like a good life, just not something to be shared enthusiastically.

But then the oddest thing happened.  My mother shared my new adventures in Christ, my aspirations, my dreams, the steps I’ve taken towards them; the posture I’ve taken to serve God, the level of fearlessness I’ve had to have in walking out and making new relationships – all of it.  She shared. And when that person called to tell me they’d heard about my life from my mother it sounded exciting and new and a little interesting.  Mind you, this was not my mother embellishing.  All that she shared was true, but she made it sound good.  She had shared my life with such excitement that the hearer called overjoyed and encouraged, by MY LIFE.

What followed was a wave of conviction.  I didn’t know how to respond because my view of my life didn’t match the level of excitement that it was being presented to me with.  And all I could think of was “do you present Christ like that? Do you share Him in such a way that you ignite others to run and tell of Him as well?”

I share that story to say that although this life is hard and though we don’t want to present a “Santa Claus” version of Christ, you won’t gain many by just saying “this walk and this life is hard”.  Yes, it’s hard but it’s worth it.  Our reward is the Salvation of Christ, the comfort of the Holy Spirit and to reign with God. But JUST saying that is not enough.  We have to show the joy of the work.  Yes, we share the trials, but we also share how through Christ we get the victory and learn how to wait on Him in joy.  We have to be excited about Christ to present an exciting Gospel.  We can’t let this walk become “the norm” and present it in a tepid way.  Some have been on this journey for years, some months.  But this Gospel is STILL ALIVE. We would be remiss to present it any other way. That is what I want to leave you with.  My mom presented what I’ve done in a way so exciting AND truthful that it made someone encouraged and hopeful for their life.

Are you sharing Christ that way?  Living this life and this walk IS exciting  and though we don’t want to “sell” Christ, I wholeheartedly think that we can, with complete excitement TELL Christ!

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