Agreement Is Necessary

Philippians 1:27-28
Just one thing: Live your life in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ. Then, whether I come and see you or am absent, I will hear about you that you are standing firm in one spirit, with one mind, working side by side for the faith that comes from the gospel, not being frightened in any way by your opponents. This is a sign of destruction for them, but of your deliverance—and this is from God.

Why is agreement necessary among the body of Christ? The more we plunge into full immersion with Christ, the more knowledge we gain of how vital our agreement is as well as the power that lies within it. There is POWER in agreement.

In this scripture.  we have Paul urging the saints in Philippi to be of one spirit, one mind and work side by side in the faith that comes from the gospel. Why is this so important? Because there is power in numbers AND there is power in unification. We as believers have different gifts and callings, but these were not given to be utilized separately. We are to equip one another, build up, train and disciple so that God’s harvest can be reaped. It’s time to return the sheep back to the Shepherd. In order to advance the Kingdom of God on earth, we as the body of Christ must move mightily on one accord. Paul stress this fact to other believers in the faith through many of his epistles like Philippians.

Agreement is a sign of destruction for our enemies. It’s a sign of serving hell notice that the Kingdom of God on earth is not frightened. We stand together in our authority against the kingdom of darkness and we are moving by force. There is no such thing as separate but equal in the body of Christ. We are equal ONLY because Christ died for us all equally. Everything about Christ is whole. Everything about Christ is complete. Everything about Christ is finished. Everything about Christ is unified. What would make us think that we could advance the Kingdom of God successfully by not mirroring His ways?

Just as the Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) are one working together to advance the Kingdom of God, so shall we as the body of Christ. Through the process of immersing ourselves daily in Christ, we come into agreement, aligning ourselves with God’s will and His ways, dispersing them through every aspect of our lives. We must evaluate and ask ourselves, “Am I in agreement with all things Christ?”

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