About Us

At Advance Church Columbus, you can experience corporate worship, classroom teaching, small groups, and Christ-modeled discipleship. Through true, meaningful relationships with one another, we see concrete examples of how to live out the Christian walk. At Advance Church Columbus, we provide you the tools you need to become an effective Christian in every facet of your life by focusing on spiritual growth and practical life application. We demonstrate that the gospel is for real people.

Advance Church Columbus is a ministry with a nontraditional approach to the gospel. Although the message of the gospel never changes, we present it in a way that is easy for all to understand and to attain. The Word of God is made relevant to your everyday life.

Our purpose is to make disciples and train leaders to advance the Kingdom of God. All of our ministries are designed with this in mind. Our goal is to equip our partners to share the gospel with anyone they come in contact with. Utilizing all forms of today’s technology, we spread the gospel around the world.